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Mother’s Day Flower Balloon Tails

Mother's Day Collage2

These flowers won’t wilt. Make these pretty balloon flower bouquets with just a little crepe paper. Mom (or anybody) will be thrilled!


Mother's Day Collage


  1. Start by making a ton of small, delicate flowers and leaves from your tissue paper (we used peach, apricot, light blue, willow and limon paper). Your biggest flower should be no larger than two inches in diameter. Here is our favorite tutorial on paper flowers. Since these flowers will need to be super light in order to keep the balloons afloat, use embroidery thread instead of floral wire to bind your petals together. Leave at least four inches of loose thread on each end after you knot the flower off.
  2. Inflate your 11-inch balloon with helium. Tie a 5-foot strand of embroidery thread to the knot of the balloon. Tie the other end of the thread to a weight (we used a mug for this). You’ll use this string as support to keep the balloon from floating away while you work.
  3. Pick a larger flower from the bunch and tie one loose end to the knot of the balloon.
  4. Pick a slightly smaller flower and tie it to the remaining end of the first flower. Leave one to two inches of loose thread on the knot.
  5. Knot a leaf onto the remaining loose threads made in step 4.
  6. Continue daisy-chaining your flowers (repeating steps 3-5 with progressively smaller flowers) until your garland is about four feet long. This should take about three larger flowers, three medium flowers and five buds. Pay close attention to the tension on the support string as you work. If the string starts to slump, you’ll want to reduce the weight of your garland.
  7. Cut a 12-inch strand of thread. Carefully knot a few smaller leaves into the thread, leaving about four inches of space between each leaf. Tie this to the end of your 4-foot garland.
  8. Cut the support thread — and start on your next balloon!
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Note: Adult supervision is required when using balloons. Please read all warnings and precautions on the Balloon Time carton.

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