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Take Aim Balloon Targets

Get your balloons and water pistols at the ready for the ultimate day of backyard fun with this super simple ‘Take Aim Balloon Targets’ idea – It will keep the kids (and adults) entertained for hours!



  1. Use the Balloon Time Helium Tank to inflate your balloons.
  2. Using a marker, draw target on each inflated balloon (could be circular, an ‘X’ or something of your choice).
  3. Tie a piece of ribbon (approximately 4 feet in length) to the bottom of each balloon. Tie the other end of the ribbon to the tip of a golf tee.
  4. Press the golf tee into a grassy area.
  5. Fill up your water pistols and take aim!



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Note: Adult supervision is required when using balloons. Please read all warnings and precautions on the Balloon Time carton.

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