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STEM-Based “Magic” Wand


Explore the ‘magic’ of static electricity with this STEM-based project; designed to show the principles of positive and negative charges. This fun, simple experiment is a great way to demonstrate a scientific concept—without messing up a hair on your head!



  1. Inflate balloons to appropriate size and tie them to the weights.
  2. Place the weights and balloons in a line with equal distance between them.
  3. Slowly wave the wand between each set of balloons.
  4. Rub the towel on one end of the PVC pipe to create a negative charge.
  5. Slowly wave the ‘wand’ between each set of balloons.
  6. Discuss why the balloons did not move before the cloth towel and why they did move after.

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Note: Adult supervision is required when using balloons. Please read all warnings and precautions on Balloon Time packaging.

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