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Test your skills with a Balloon Word Scramble!

Add a new twist to this educational game by including balloons! This is a great game for all ages, because it’s up to you to decide on a list of words and phrases with appropriate levels of difficulty based on players. Not only is this fun for kids, it doubles as practice for the upcoming spelling bee.



  1. Inflate one balloon per letter of a chosen word, or word of a chosen phrase.
  2. Write the letter or word on each balloon using a permanent marker.
  3. Tie ribbon to each balloon so they float on the ceiling. Make the ribbons long enough so they can be reached relatively easily.
  4. Scatter the letters and words around the room. If you’re playing outdoors, use weights to keep balloons secure.
  5. Split players into teams and work together to figure out the scrambled word. If the words prove to be a little difficult, or the children are a little young to put everything together, add an adult to each team to help lead the effort.
    Please discard broken balloons immediately.

Take turns solving scrambles until there are none left. Take pictures of the team holding their balloons that spell out the solved word or phrase, and share their smiling faces with us on Facebook and Instagram!

Written by: Balloon Time

This is a Balloon Time original idea.

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