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Happy (Crafty) Holidays!

The holidays are here and we couldn’t be more thrilled! More things to celebrate means more reasons to break out the balloons and get crafty (and hot cups of cocoa – we love those too).

In the spirit of the season and all the celebrations that come with it, here’s a little list of our five favorite holiday crafts!

1. DIY Christmas Balloon Garlands

These Christmas light-inspired balloon garlands are not only super cute, they’re quick to make and you can also save them to use again next year! Accessorize them any which way you like and enjoy the extra bit of color around your home these holidays. See more

Christmas Light Balloon Garland Banner

2. DIY Peppermint Candy

Make your festive season that little bit sweeter with this crafty take on holiday peppermint candies. If you love quirky and bright decorations then you’ll love this craft. See more

DIY Peppermint Candy Balloon

3. DIY Bar Cart Sleigh

It’s amazing how a few festive reindeer balloons can transform your bar cart into a super fun Santa sleigh. This one is quick, easy and memorable! See more

Christmas Gift Cart

4. DIY New Year’s Eve Clock Balloons

Craft up your New Year’s Eve party with this super easy and oh-so-fun DIY balloon clocks. Build your décor around them as the centerpiece, or craft them to match any theme! See more

New Year's Eve Clock Balloon Set Up

5. Gold Dipped Balloons

Whether it’s for New Year’s Eve or as a way to add a little bling to your holiday party, these gold-dipped balloons are stunning in any setting! See more

Pop Fizz Clink Wall Decal with Balloons



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Note: Adult supervision is required when using balloons. Please read all warnings and precautions on the Balloon Time carton.

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