Balloon Time gives you a convenient alternative to transporting pre-inflated balloons. The Balloon Time Helium Tank is lightweight, disposable, easy to use and recyclable.

Here’s what Balloon Time customers are saying:

“One of my must-have party products are Balloon Time Helium Tanks.  These are genius.  They alleviate the dreaded trip to the party store to pick up balloons and try to stuff them into your car without them blowing away or popping on your drive home.  And let’s be honest, as a parent it’s rare to be alone so now you’re squeezing balloons into your car with kids.  It’s a nightmare.  Balloon Time Helium Tanks save us time (and our sanity) allowing us to inflate the balloons AT the party!”

–Jenny Keller, 

“I bought one of your products from ASDA (UK) and it’s the best helium balloon kit on the market. The kit saved us time decorating so we could focus on running our event. Because the product was so affordable, each child got a balloon and those that participated in some of the games and activities got a second balloon. Thank you!”

–Frank M., United Kingdom 

“Your product is great! I love it, so simple to use and makes a party great.”

–Rose M.

“I used Balloon Time for the first time at my son’s 4th birthday, and I must say, what a time and space saver! I would have had to pay more to rent a tank to inflate the same number of balloons. It really helped with last-minute decorating!”

–Monique B.

“I wouldn’t use any other tank. I’ve recommended Balloon Time to all my friends and family!”

–Johonna B., Johnstown, PA

“I work for a non-profit school for children with autism. We have started a vocational service within our school, and we are using your products. Our children love serving our school and producing balloons for other students.”

–H. Gough

“Your balloon kit is great! You made many children at my daughter’s birthday party very happy. Thank you, and well done!”

–C. Guertin

“Bought the 30 balloon tank to celebrate a friend’s 29th birthday party. The balloons are extremely easy to fill and the house looked great with all the colored balloons everywhere. Balloons are not just for kids, the adults love them too.”