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Influencer Interview: Sharon Garofalow of Cupcakes & Cutlery

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In the first of our Party Host Q&A series, we spoke all things craft, celebrations and inspiration with the lovely Sharon Garofalow of Cupcakes & Cutlery. She’s an Orange County-based life and style blogger, not to mention a full-time mom. We’ve loved having her onboard throwing parties for us!

Balloon Time: How did you come to be your current crafty self?

Cupcakes & Cutlery: I actually don’t consider myself to be very crafty. I just like to use things in a new way or create a fun detail that will make people feel something whether it’s a laugh or tug at their heartstrings. Crafting does not come easily to me. The things I make are certainly no heirloom quality.

BT: Who (or what) is your biggest inspiration when it comes to what you do?

CC: My kids are a huge inspiration for me. They are super creative and so imaginative. We often try to figure out ways to incorporate all the things they love in to what we are doing, like when we threw this Lego Dance Party or the Ziggy Stardust Space Party for my son. Also music is a great source of inspiration for me. Music can help me figure out a mood that I want to recreate with the craft I am doing or party I am styling.

BT: What’s the most memorable party you’ve ever been to?

CC: Elton John’s Oscar Viewing Party. It was absolutely next level. The attention to detail was insane. And the florals were STUNNING. On a smaller scale, every Operation Shower that I attend is so moving. It’s an organization that puts on baby showers for moms who are in the military or whose partners are. The moms-to-be are showered with gifts, love and support and it’s truly remarkable to get to be there to witness it in person. The care and detail that goes in to planning those showers is truly a testament of love. And they feel like actual baby showers that your friends would throw you rather than a banquet, which is super awesome.

BT: What’s something about you that we might be surprised by?

CC: I have a small, random collection of presidential memorabilia. I am fascinated by why someone would want to be president and put their families through that level of scrutiny. I also love the pomp and circumstance of it. But my favorite part is the silly stuff that presidents end up on like Pez dispensers.

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BT: What do you hope shines through in your work?

CC: I like my work to be colorful and make people smile. Everything that I do is really simple and I hope it encourages someone to try something new even if it’s not something they normally would do.

BT: Best piece of advice you ever received?

CC: Do your best and then let it go. It’s so helpful in all aspects of life. I tend to dwell and no good can come of that.

BT: What is it you love most about arts and crafts?

CC: I love how each person can start the same project and come out with something totally different. I love that people can really let their personalities shine through.

Happy Birthday Guy

BT: What’s your favorite party occasion?

CC: I love birthdays because it’s a time to celebrate someone and make them feel extra special! They don’t tend to follow a specific chain of events and can go in any number of directions from a standard party to experiencing something with friends. I think I’m going on a wine safari to celebrate my 40th!

BT: What essentials should every craft enthusiast out there have at home?

CC: Glue Dots. I hem my pants with them and use them for quick school projects where I don’t want things to get too messy (I am totally mess averse). Also a glue gun. You can make just about anything with a glue gun. And spray paint. I hate to replant potted plants so I cover the plant with a plastic bag and just spray paint the plastic pot whatever color I want it to be.

BT: What are your top 5 party-hosting tips?

  1. No one knows the party plans you have in your head so if you don’t get it all done before the party starts, don’t get down on yourself. No one knows!
  2. I always try to host the party at an off time so I don’t have to worry about serving a full meal. I am not the best multi-tasker (or cook) so a full meal is an advanced maneuver.
  3. I always try to set out a fresh veggie platter for people to nibble on. My kids always grab them when they are out!
  4. Don’t go crazy on a goody bag or take home favor. Let them leave with a lasting memory of the fun they had at the party.
  5. Extra toilet paper. Put it out ahead of time. I always forget to check during the party. Or better yet, designate someone to keep an eye on it!
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