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Influencer Interview: Victoria of A Subtle Revelry 

Meet Victoria. She’s the brains and creativity behind lifestyle foodie and craft blog A Subtle Revelry. We love her because she’s dedicated her life to celebrating all of life’s special little moments every single day, and inspiring others to do the same along the way!

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Balloon Time: How did you come to be your current crafty self?

Victoria (ASR): I’ve always had a love of crafting and parties. In high school I headed up the assemblies and dances and was always excited for a reason to celebrate. After giving birth to my long anticipated twin babies 8 years ago I came home from my day job which was not creative at all and during nap times started the A Subtle Revelry blog. What was a fun diversion from feeding babies slowly transformed into my life passion and full time career. I love getting to work with balloons, confetti and cake every day and wouldn’t trade this gig for the world!

BT: What’s the most memorable party you’ve ever been to?

ASR: My wedding. Although we got married long before Pinterest was a thing – we had a magical night of feasting, dancing and celebrating with everyone we adore. I cannot imagine how any party would top that night – plus we rented out a Starbucks and held a “coffee hour” before our reception, which in itself would be pretty hard for this coffee fanatic to beat.

BT: What’s something about you that we might be surprised by?

ASR: My husband and I were born on the same exact day in the same hospital! We never met until college, but joke it was obviously meant to be since we were in the hospital nursery together – he is about 30 minutes older than I am.

BT: What do you hope shines through in your work?

ASR: My passionate love for living life festively. So much in this world is hard and difficult – I think finding the moments of revelry in everyday life whether watching a sunset, enjoying a nice glass of wine, or rolling around the floor with the kids really allows us to live and love well.

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BT: Best piece of advice you ever received?

ASR: Just get to work! In whatever stage of life I’ve been in, nothing beats just sitting down and doing the work. Everything from the blog, to my 2 bestselling books, to raising great kids happens because you just get up (or sit down) and get to work with what’s in front of you.

BT: What’s your favorite party occasion?

ASR: Birthdays for sure! Celebrating a dear friend or loved ones’ life is a magical moment to stop and enjoy them in a way we don’t get to the other days of the year. We expect a lot of each other – celebrating one another is one of the kindest things we can do.

BT: What essentials should every craft enthusiast out there have at home?


  1. Hot glue! I use hot glue in 99.8% of all my craft projects. It holds everything – from baseboards to balloons and I always have plenty on hand.
  2. Balloons – of course
  3. And disco balls because they make any room (no matter how messy it is) sparkle.

BT: What are your top 5 party-hosting tips?


  1. Invite your guests to help, no one likes to be left with nothing to do, and it makes them feel more like family.
  2. Serve something bubbly. Whether it’s Prosecco or La Croix serving a bubble drink puts everyone in a party mood.
  3. Be natural. I’m a big fan of inviting guests over to just join our family in whatever we are doing – Taco night, make your own pizza… a natural party makes everyone more comfortable.
  4. Have a go-to playlist. You never want to be up switching out music when you’re guests are deep in conversation. Get a go-to playlist ready and have a sure fire way to enjoy every party.
  5. Always serve cake. In our diet conscious society, I always try to make sure we have options that please everyone, but at the end of the night we always serve cake. There’s something about taking a small moment of celebrating that will slice through all the crazy of life and relax us to enjoy the moment and linger in the sweetness of it.
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