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Floaty Follow Friday Balloon Sculpture

DIY Project and Styling by Katie Balloons

Celebrations shouldn’t be reserved for birthdays and holidays only. With the amazing parents, party planners, DIYers, foodies, bloggers and other inspiring people that we see every day on Twitter, we wanted to find a special way to celebrate them. But no ordinary Follow Friday would do.

Floaty Follow Friday in Balloons

We enlisted the help Katie Balloons, a balloon artist in New York City, to create a “balloonspirational” way of showing our favorite Tweeps how much we admire them. This inspired her to build the first, biggest and only floating #FF balloon sculpture. Check out the behind-the-scenes footage.

Each week in our Floaty Follow Friday series, we’ll feature someone outstanding on Twitter who’s totally worth a follow, and it could be you!

Join the party on Twitter.


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