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Influencer Interview: Chris Nease of Celebrations at Home


We loved getting to know yet another of our wonderful party planners. This month we caught up with Chris Nease – creative mind behind Celebrations at Home and responsible for everything from this wine-tasting party to this adorable gender reveal craft (and plenty of moments in between).

Balloon Time: How did you come to be your current crafty self?

Celebrations at Home: Out of necessity! If I see a cute idea but don’t want to pay the price, or I don’t have time to order it online, I figure out how to re-create the look for less.

BT: Who (or what) is your biggest inspiration when it comes to what you do?

CAH: I get inspired by reading some of the larger wedding blogs with styled shoots. Wedding designers have such big ideas and I like to bring those down to the ‘home entertainer’ level. My real world inspiration comes from travel and fine dining, whether it’s a new city or just up the road.

BT: What’s the most memorable party you’ve ever been to?

CAH: There have been so many over the past 10 years, but one that we still talk and laugh about is a Mardi Gras party at our friend’s house. It became a major dance party complete with Soul Train line.

BT: What’s something about you that we might be surprised by?

CAH: I love hosting but have a healthy dose of social anxiety. I don’t necessarily have the gift for gab so I’m scared to death of conversation lulls!

Grape Cluster DIY

BT: What do you hope shines through in your work?

CAH: I try to share ideas that are approachable and accessible to the average hostess. I feel very strongly that the DIYs I produce won’t take a team of interns, or cost an arm & a leg to re-create.

BT: Best piece of advice you ever received?

CAH: The KISS method: Keep It Simple, Stupid

BT: What is it you love most about arts and crafts?

CAH: I love the unique effect and attention to detail that it brings to a party atmosphere.

BT: What’s your favorite party occasion?

CAH: Christmas season


BT: What essentials should every craft enthusiast out there have at home? 

CAH: Glue gun. Separate scissors for fabric and paper. Glue dots. A variety of ribbon (colors and sizes).

BT: What are your top five party-hosting tips? 

  1. Remember the most important thing to a successful party is the guest list.
  2. Always have plenty of wine.
  3. Know your guests’ dietary restrictions (diabetic, vegetarian, peanut allergies, etc)
  4. Don’t forget, a good playlist sets the tone of the evening.
  5. For the week leading up, do some small task each day so you’re not scrambling on the day of the party (eg: Monday – shop for wine, Tuesday – dust, Wednesday – shop for groceries, etc).
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