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Go, Fight, Win! Tailgate Party

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With football season in full-swing you may think you’ve used all your creative tailgating ideas already, but think again! Our partner, Oh Happy Day has DIY ideas that the whole family can participate in to give your team extra luck throughout the rest of the season!

DIY Tailgate Party


  • Balloon Time Helium Tank
  • Latex balloons
  • Long wooden sticks
  • Tape
  • Colored card/construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Alphabet stickers
DIY Tailgate


  1. Cut out flag shapes from colored card stock or construction paper and attach to long wooden sticks with tape.
  2. Use alphabet stickers to create your cheerful slogans (like Go, Fight, Win or Game On).
  3. Inflate balloons with the Balloon Time Helium Tank and knot. Then tie together and twist around each other with the stick in the middle.
DIY Tailgate Decor Tailgate Decor



Note: Adult supervision is required when using balloons. Please read all warnings and precautions on the Balloon Time carton.

Written by: Oh Happy Day

Jordan Ferney is the Founder and Chief Happy Officer at Oh Happy Day, a design and lifestyle blog known for its original and fun DIY projects and party ideas. In May 2015, she also launched the Oh Happy Day Party Shop which offers a large selection of modern and carefully curated goods. Jordan has been featured in Time Magazine, The San Francisco Chronicle, Sunset Magazine, Martha Stewart Living Magazine, Real Simple Magazine, Budget Living, and Anthology Magazine.

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