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Hot Chocolate Party

Snowmen beware: this might make you melt.  Just about everyone will want to be invited to this tasty party you can throw for your kids, students, or family. It’s definitely an easier way to warm up your house this winter than knitting everyone sweaters.

Almost everyone loves hot chocolate, so that will be your centerpiece. Here’s how to throw a party around it.Supplies:

  • A Balloon Time Helium Tank
  • Pastel green and white latex balloons
  • Black permanent marker
  • Red and white string
  • A mason jar for every ingredient (tip: you can repurpose empty jars of spaghetti sauce)
  • Hot chocolate mix (your favorite)
  • Mini marshmallows
  • Chocolate nibs (dark, white, or regular)
  • Red and white straws or stirring sticks (works just as well with peppermint sticks)


  1. Fill each mason jar with your pick of delicious ingredients.
  2. Cut strings into four-foot-long sections, wrapping each one around your mason jars for decoration. Make sure to leave a long string tail loose for later.
  3. Inflate your balloons with your Balloon Time Helium Tank and tie them off using the loose string tails from the previous step.
  4. Using your black marker, write the name of each ingredient on their corresponding balloon.
  5. Finally, let guests make their own hot chocolate beverages and enjoy all the smiles!

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Note: Adult supervision is required when using balloons. Please read all warnings and precautions on the Balloon Time carton.


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