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Picnic Party Centerpiece

Party, Styling, Text and Photos by Sara Schmutz of Confetti Sunshine

This year, we’ve decided to celebrate with a giant picnic in our backyard where we can gather friends and neighbors as soon as the bus drops everyone off on the last day of school. Since the kids will be full of energy and won’t want to sit down to a table for a moment, we are having a picnic blanket be the center of the party.


We filled our picnic basket with balloons to serve as a playful centerpiece to our party, and have a bunch of our favorite after-school snacks laid out on a tray for our friends to grab and go during the party.




  1. Thread your needle.
  2. Inflate a balloon using your Balloon Time Helium Tank.
  3. Thread the inflated balloon onto your thread. Leave yourself enough thread for balloon centerpiece. Tie the thread onto the balloon at the end.
  4. Inflate more balloons with your Balloon Time Helium Tank and thread each of them to your thread.
  5. Inflate a half dozen or so smaller balloons (5-inch) using a hand pump and thread to the bottom of your thread.
  6. Stuff the air filled balloon into the picnic basket, propping the top open for the helium filled balloons.


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Note: Adult supervision is required when using balloons. Please read all warnings and precautions on the Balloon Time carton.

Written by: Sara Schmutz

Sara has been in love with parties and planning parties for as long as she can remember. And, she must be destined for more, since she has been blessed with three party loving daughters. There can never be too many tea parties at their house. And, her love for parties and unique ideas have not been overlooked. Sara has been a regular party contributor on One Charming Party, Pizzazzerie, Handmade Charlotte, Confetti Pop, Oh It's Perfect, And Then We Saved, & Red Barn Blog. She has also been featured on Pottery Barn, Disney's Baby Blog, Amy Atlas, Hostess with the Mostess, Babble, Apartment Therapy, Huffington Post, and more. Sara has also recently had a number of guest appearances on Utah's KUTV Fresh Living Show, where she shared some of her favorite party ideas. Sara loves planning parties and celebrating the special moments with her family and friends.

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